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Equipping God's Servants for the Church


To strengthen local church ministry with qualified, godly leadership.

To equip students for effective ministry by emphasizing Biblical Spirituality, Theological Studies and Christian Service for the Church in Asia.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Core Values

We live in an age where there is no lack of institutions that provide quality theological training.  However, we believe that BSSI is unique and stands out because of our core values

Integrity and Teamwork

BSSI is not an opaque one man show. In an Asian context, this is deeply countercultural and richly biblical. Like a church led by elders, BSSI values collaboration by a team of spiritual and competent individuals treating each other with equality and respect, holding one another accountable, and always seeking the unity of the Spirit in making decisions. This spirit overflows to the larger team and our low attrition rate has been commended by outsiders.

Spiritual Formation

Mere knowledge of God’s Word can lead to pride, hypocrisy, and legalism.  Here at BSSI, we are concerned that our students not only learn God’s Word but also learn to obey it and to grow in Christ-likeness.  One of the key components of building up our students into Christ-likeness is our student-professor relationships, by which we seek to set godly examples and mentor students in godliness.

Bible Exposition

We believe that the Bible, properly taught and applied, is the foundation and superstructure of any God-honoring ministry.  As a result, we emphasize both systematic  Bible exposition based on the original languages, and culturally relevant application based on Scriptural exegesis.

Local Church Ministry

We believe that the church is Christ’s institution to accomplish His redemptive purposes on this earth. That is why we strongly emphasize on the local church ministry.  Our faculty have pastoral ministry experience and are actively involved in the local church ministry, together with the students they mentor.


Admissions Open for 2024-25




No. 24/1, Kachamarnahalli Village,

Gunjur P.O, Bangalore 560087

WhatsApp: +91 99016 66822

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