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Family Atmosphere

At BSSI, we’re an inclusive family, growing in sharing and caring for each other. We accept and respect each other, without discriminating on the basis of ethnicity, language, money, or status. This is strongly counter-cultural in an Asian context, yet spiritually formative for students preparing for effective ministry. Students are welcome in the homes of faculty and staff, who often go out of their way to assist and encourage them in multiple ways.


Personal Guidance

At BSSI, our low teacher-student ratio (1:7, on average) helps us personally attend to student skill development in class and spiritual formation outside class. We have a mentoring process that includes faculty advisors overseeing individual, integrated progress in class and in church. Alumni often stay in touch with their advisors for help with ministry related issues.


Local Church
Learning Contexts

With pastor-teachers as faculty, students have ample opportunity to serve in the associated local churches. So many of our students have come to seminary with grand visions of personal achievement, but have left here with a deep appreciation for the local church, and a personal commitment - even a new calling - to serve God in and through the church. For us at BSSI, this is a matter of abiding joy and thankful praise to God.

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