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Student Life


Chapel time is the center of who we are as God's worshipping people. Our singing prepares our hearts to listen to God's Word. Our speakers draw us into the biblical world in order to prepare us for the cultural world we live in. Everything else we do - study, pray, eat, dream - is anchored in this biblical practice that draws us daily into the heart of worship.


Classes and Chapel

Church Ministry

What is faith without feet? It is required of us that we be faithful stewards and we strive to grow in this by a church-centered ministry. Local church attendance and participation are a must. We truly experience the joys of body life as we use our spiritual gifts in various ministries - be they as tender as teaching little children or as formal as leading in worship.  We have partnered with Bethany Baptist Church, Aradhana Christian Fellowship, Bangalore Evangelical Church, and Agape Baptist Church.

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Advisee Groups

Each student deserves personal attention and he finds it in a small, faculty-led advisor group. We meet weekly to spend time in prayer and Bible devotions, punctuated occasionally by snacks and games. All this builds deeper friendships that we expect to nurture long into the future.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Students, in their free time, engage themselves in both indoor and outdoor games.  Indoor games like Carroms, Chess, and Table Tennis are among the favorites, and Soccer is the clear favorite outdoor game.  The students get to display their sporting skills during the Sports Week that is usually held at the end of the second quarter.

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